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Resources for Internationally Trained Architectural Professionals

The resources below reference some great information posted originally by the Toronto Society of Architects, that the GVSA has tailored to suit our Region. 

Paths to Licensure (Architect & Licensed Technologist OAA)

In Canada, only those who are licensed by their provincial regulator can call themselves an Architect. In addition, Ontario also has the title of Licensed Technologist OAA, the highest certification that can be achieved by a technologist working in architecture in the province. Each title has a distinctive scope of work. There are different pathways to becoming licensed, depending on your level of education and experience. Here are some links on the different paths and requirements for each.


International Recognition Treaties

Canadian architectural regulators are signatories to numerous  international treaties that provide recognition of licensure credentials or fast-track processes. There are a lot of specific conditions and particularities, so it is best to contact the OAA to understand if these apply to you.


Other Paths

You can work in an architectural practice without being licensed. There are also alternative paths of practice which will allow for a limited scope of work.


Bridging Programs

There are a number of programs available in Ontario that are specifically designed to help you in the process of gaining knowledge about practice in Ontario. Here are some of the opportunities available.


Job Postings

While there are many different job posting websites out there, the list below is specific to the architecture community in Ontario. Some offices will also have opportunities on their websites.


Architectural Organizations

From provincial regulators to local community groups, there are many architectural organizations in Canada. Here are some that are particularly relevant for those in the Greater Toronto Area.


Translation Services

For many, one of the first steps in your path to licensure will be the translation of academic documents. Many newcomer centres offer advice on translators or might even offer these services for free. Make sure to verify with the CACB regarding translation requirements prior to proceeding. 


Newcomer Services

Being a newcomer isn’t just about your license! Here are other helpful resources to get settled in Ontario.

  • YMCA Newcomer Information Centre (A program servicing newcomers in the GTA and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)

  • (A website designed specifically to address frequently asked questions by newcomers)

  • Steps to Justice (A step-by-step information guide for legal issues in Ontario, from employment to housing) 


Contact Information

Confused? Not sure where to go from here? Just ask! The OAA, CACB and GVSA can serve as a great first point of contact and we are happy to  orient you to the right place to have your questions answered.

Know of another great resource we should include? Is something out of date? Let us know and email us at

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