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This space is to share useful resources and best practices that might be helpful for GVSA members and their practices as we navigate this unprecedented situation together. We will continue to add to this resource page--check back soon!

Reliable Sources

The following international organizations and local authorities have created dedicated websites to share information on the COVID-19 pandemic. They are great go-to websites for reliable information, as well as the latest developments, affected services and containment measures that apply to our region.

Reliable Built Environment Sources

A number built-environment related organizations, authorities and departments have created dedicated COVID-19 pages with their latest updates and resources. Check these often to stay up to date and hear about updates directly from the source:

Continuing Education

The Ontario Association of Architects, along with other Licensing Authorities across Canada, have extended the end of the Continuing Education cycle to December 31, 2020. Additionally, the cap on the number of hours carried forward from this cycle to the next has been lifted.

Share Resources

Is there a resource missing that you think would be of use for other architects and design professionals? Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to share it. Thank you!

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